This can only happen in Hard Rock Cafe!

Cousin Och's dream car

There were a lot of restaurants outside of Power Plant Building and further down the road, but only one called out our names clearly on that overcast Friday. Hard Rock Café Baltimore, which sits inside Power Plant in the Inner Harbor, was the unanimous choice for lunch after our journey through Baltimore Aquarium. The décor is one thing – where can you find a convertible hanging over a bar or an F1 car parked outside? Or the memorabilia like the guitar used by The Ramones or the costumes used by rock ‘n’ rolla legends at one point in their career? The other is the food – huge serving portions aside, the choices run the gamut of all- American cuisine fused with international flavour. The coup de grace is, for me, the chocolate sundae – diets were thrown out the window when the tall parfait glass landed on our table. Cousin Och and I only ordered two items from the menu but it certainly felt like a feast.

Dessert time: Sinful Chocolate Sundae

It's a platter of chicken tenders, onion rings, buffalo wings, potato skins and spring rolls for two

Lunch time at Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore!


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