That lunch and dinner would be seafood was perfectly understandable and apt, I thought. How incongruous it was to go all the way to Pier 39 only to settle for MacDonald’s. So seafood it was, which was just divine because, like I said before, I am seafood-deprived in Bekasi, Indonesia.

After walking up and down the row of restaurants, Joy and I finally settled on this one place, following the wisdom of Joy’s mum who believed that a restaurant was good if there was a meandering line outside. We only had to wait for several minutes before we were showed to our table in Sabella & La Torre, which was a haven of aromatic smells and joyous din. The menu was a smorgasbord of seafood goodness that ran the gamut of grilled and broiled fresh fish, shellfish (think fresh crab, shrimp, clams, lobster and oysters) and all the possible plate combos. We wanted to try every kind of shell fish so the Seafood Express, a platter of sautéed crab legs, prawns and scallops, paired with an order of clam chowder each seemed the perfect choice. It was a scrumptious lunch – you taste the freshness with each bite of each shellfish and each sip of the soup.

A platter of seafood by Scoma's

That Sabella & La Torre was popular among tourists was pretty obvious. The turnover of diners was fast and furious and, miraculously, waiting time wasn’t that long and tedious. Also, the waiters were not grouchy despite the frenetic lunchtime pacing.

Meanwhile, dinner the following day was in one of the restaurant icons of San Francisco. Joy and Melie’s families had made it some sort of homage to always dine at Scoma’s when they were in the area. We were a few minutes early for the usual dinner crowd, which was a blessing because, when we got out, there was a line outside the restaurant. Caught between feeling peckish and full, the girls decided to do it the Asian way – we shared the Fried Seafood Combo, a platter of prawns, sea scallops and pollock; a serving of Penne Pasta Bolognese; and five portions of the Lobster Bisque-In-A -Cup.

Scoma's penne pasta bolognese to share

Dining on seafood – or not – is truly enjoyable when mixed with good company and excellent conversations, and which were not lacking in my San Francisco sojourn with long time friends.

Great friends plus good food make for a wonderful dining experience

Sabella & La Torre

If it swims we have it!

No. 3 Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, California



Pier 47 on Al Scoma Way

San Francisco, California




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