It is the reason why I don’t hesitate to risk having it settle on my hips and not go ballistic when I see myself in the mirror. A bite into the soft chiffon cake lathered with silky smooth caramel icing is unparalleled (scout’s honour! even though I was never allowed to be a girl scout). One slice is simply not enough! Other cake shops have tried to approximate the taste of Estrel’s caramel cakes, but, sadly, have paled miserably. It’s either the chiffon cake is a tad dry or the texture of the caramel icing is rough or rubbery that it comes off the cake. Unlike with Estrel’s, chiffon and caramel icing are partners to the end. Slide that fork down the slice you have on the plate and you have the best of both worlds – moist chiffon cake and caramel icing with topped with a butter icing flower in your choice of colour that meld into sweet harmony in your mouth.

Get ready to dig into caramel goodness with Estrel's caramel cake!

Estrel’s, formerly Estrella’s, is as traditional as Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. It has graced my family’s dining table countless of times for any occasion – birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation and other successes; in all honesty, we never really needed an occasion to order Estrel’s. Every day was a potential Estrel’s day.

Its business has, undeniably, grown and getting through the phone line to place an order is a test of endurance. One must be determined and persevere to speak with someone to place that order, which I did shortly after Christmas. Lucky for me! They were, to preserve the quality of their products, were limiting the orders they were taking. They closed shops for Christmas and were closing operation on the Eve of New Year and New Year’s Day. Estrel’s does have an array of other made-to-order pastries such as apple squares, leche flan, food for the gods and cookies, but I’m not one to question the wisdom of its stellar seller, caramel cake.

Estrel’s only sells whole cakes. One would greatly be disappointed if she was looking to buy only slices of Estrel’s like this lady who was in the store when I was there to pick up my 8-inch caramel cake with caramel filling (PhilP600).

“Wala ho kaming slices, ma’am,” said one of the store attendants as the lady perused their steel racks. “Pwede pa ho kayong mag-order nang whole (cake).”

Are you ready for your next slice of caramel cake?

Slices of Estrel’s? It was absolutely sacrilegious I thought, as I paid for my cake and made my way to the car. Clearly the woman didn’t understand the wisdom of Estrel’s Caramel Cake. As I said earlier on, one slice is not enough. Try and see how futile resistance is against the caramel cake.



54 Scout Tobias corner Limbaga

Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Tel:  +632 372 2965



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