Get your fill of fries at Everything with Fries

That eating places in Singapore are never lacking and the concepts are not commonplace are well-known facts. Having established itself as a master of change, visitors and ilk have, by chance, find themselves uttering “Excite me Singapore” and expecting the Garden City not to fail them. While some places merit a raised eyebrow, some are getting thumbs-up signs and word-of-mouth advertising. In the latest gab fest with my gal-pals, we stumbled upon a place hooked on French fries at the renovated top floor of Bugis Junction. Everything with Fries, which is located opposite the cinema complex, boasted various fries’ flavours and hefty servings. My bowl of regular fries was part of the crusted salmon that I ordered while my gal-pal completed her Thousand-Layer Cake with garlic fries.

Cake and fries combo - give it a try!

The name lived up to its name as the fries proved several notches higher in taste and quality from the fast-food type fries or the ones in the frozen section of supermarkets. The bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise remained untouched because there was simply no need for them. Nibbling on the fries were more than enough to fill one up.

Yes - have your salmon with salad and fries

For the other gab fest with another gal-pal, we followed her suggestion and opted for a brunch place on Middle Road. Making reservation was crucial because the place was always packed to the rafters (even during rainy days I discovered) and there was no guarantee you’ll ever get a table even if you patiently waited outside. Housed within the art venue Sculpture Square, Artichoke is the most popular brunch place at the moment in the city and prides itself in offering healthy meals in portions that fill one up.

Book a table at Artichoke so you can have your brunch

Healthy and hearty no-milk scrambled egg with mushroom for brunch

An interesting feature that I found was the willingness of the staff to accommodate requests like the one I made, which was not to put milk in my scrambled egg with mushroom. The gracious chef even went up to the table to explain what he was going to do, earning him a newfound respect in me. I discovered that it wasn’t that easy to do; it meant that he had to make my one order separately from the huge batch of scrambled egg-with-milk and that was a slight aberration on the work flow in the very busy kitchen. The taste was impeccable – my plate was clean and I wasn’t hankering for anything, not even an after-meal coffee. But it doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t try Artichoke’s cappuccino: she downed two glasses.

Cappuccino by Artichoke


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