Indulging one’s sweet tooth in the malls of the greater Metro Manila area is the least of one’s problems, and Trinoma is home to many places to delight the massive sweets lover. Café Breton is a splendid find particularly when you have your old high school gal-pals in tow. Think great sweet stuff + wonderful conversations = fantastic reunion experience!

Throwing caution to the wind being a possible diabetes candidate coupled with the great possibility of considerable weight gain, the sweet crepes were the unanimous choices, but the “healthier” ones, meaning the ones without scoops of vanilla, chocolate or coffee ice cream. Le Magnifiqué was the top order with its lip-smacking blend of banana, Nutella, whipped cream and almonds (PhilP201.50). Paired with a cup of hot green tea and mint, it was a perfect coup de grace to a wonderful lunch earlier on at Banana Leaf, and the mini reunion.

Oui! Le Magnifique crepe is chocolatey good!

An alternative to ice cream is not in dearth either in Trinoma. One of my newest find – courtesy of my folks – is the yoghurt of The White Hat (www.thewhitehat.com.ph), its white kiosk fast becoming ubiquitous in the malls (I spotted one in SM Megamall). One can take the yoghurt naked, or sans toppings (PhilP90), or choose from the several yoghurt combos.  I opted to dig my spoon into a regular-size cup of a combo called The Monkey’s Hat (Phil125), which is a sweet mélange of regular yoghurt, brownies, bananas and swirls of caramel sauce.

Go for The Monkey's Hat at The White Hat


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  1. Posted by ako_si_aoi on January 3, 2012 at 10:32 am

    I like the savoury crepes in cafe breton, and the Choc-nut yogurt in White Hat 😀


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