Whenever I get a craving for sushi I would normally head to my favourite Japanese restaurants, Sushi Tei or Waraku, which are perfect choices for my sushi fix. But my peripatetic spirit wandered off the beaten track and stumbled onto a tiny restaurant at Plaza Indonesia. It was a long weekend as Friday was a public holiday being the Nyepi holiday, and I was savouring every minute of it. It began with making a beeline for Shabu Nobu Restaurant when I espied their red logo from afar as I walked around the mall. It’s a cosy nook with a handful of diners when I popped in. Set up in the wall-less ground level of the mall, the entrance is next to a freezer display showcasing packed sushi and their two sushi chefs hard at slicing, rolling and packing sushi.

My sushi fix: two each of ebi (shrimp), ikura (salmon roe), inari (dried sweet bean curd) and tobiko (smelt roe). Simply fresh and delectable!

Fresh and pop-in-your-mouth sushi from Shabu Nobu at Plaza Indonesia

Shabu Nobu Restaurant

The Gourmet Food Hall, Plaza Indonesia

Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28030, Jakarta

Tel: (021) 3107 710


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