In her upcoming movie as the evil and bee-yoo-ti-fool queen, Julie Roberts tried them on her hands. I’ve never tried that but I’ve had them on my legs several years ago in Singapore. My legs and feet were glowing white and my then throbbing headache was gone. Apparently, something in the fish gets released through the little bites they make on your legs and feet, and meanders through your blood stream, making you feel better.

Years late and relocated to Jakarta, I was hankering to experience that again following a less than harrowing week but hectic nonetheless. The fish spa offered by Kenko Reflexology used to have a branch at Grand Indonesia and off I went there with a friend one Saturday to dip my legs in the fish-filled water and relax. That wasn’t about to happen when I got to Grand Indonesia. Much to my chagrin, the outlet had closed shop and the receptionist at the fifth level branch of Kenko made it seem that the whole concept was no longer in existence. Something nagged at me, telling me to not believe the receptionist who looked completely unsure of what he was saying. Trusting my instinct, I followed my map, looking at the picture in my mind the last time I saw the fish spa. I found the place but it was boarded up; it was right next to Kenko Reflexology. Turning to leave I spotted one of the staff of Kenko making her way back to the reflexology centre and accosted her.  After a few minutes of questioning, I proved my gut feeling right. The fish spa hadn’t completely folded up; the branch in Grand Indonesia did but its branch at Senayan City is still operational.

Choose the pool for your fish massage

Finding the fish spa at the lower ground of Senayan City was a bit challenging. We were going round in circles because not a sign of the place was within visible sight. But I was determined and a more careful and slower sweep of the basement finally led me to the spa. It was located somewhere at the back, which opened up to an al fresco area for smokers.

The fish spa has a simple set-up. At the entrance is the reception area that quickly connects to the pools of fish that are distinguished by the fish size. The middle area, where I dipped my legs in, had the medium-size fish while to my back were the big ones and in front of me were the small ones. The process is simple too: you exchange your shoes for slippers, drop your things in the locker and head to the scrubbing station for a quick leg rub-a-dub by the gracious staff.

Nibble away - the therapists are hard at work

One would think that the staff is so used to the squeals that follow the dipping, but apparently not. They still crack up, which is quickly stifled to not get the ire of their customers. Who wouldn’t be infected with laughter? My friend and I were shrieking like kids and laughing at the same time when we plunged in. A school of fish quickly covered our legs, nibbling furiously while we tried hard to keep straight faces and our legs in the water. After about five minutes, the ticklish feeling subsided and bliss settled in like chocolate frosting on a cake. I got so used to the nibbling fish that I occasionally stood on the pool so they could nibble a little above the knee. I wanted to strike a balance in my skin tone.

Clear your schedule for a much-needed fish massage.

After 30 minutes and a cup of piping hot ginger tea (good for a sore throat and a raspy voice) my tired feet were sparkly white, smooth and soft, and I was all set to walk around the mall again.


PT Keno Mahayana

Senayan City Mall LG 18-C

Jl Asia Afrika Lot 19, Jakarta 102710, Indonesia

Tel: 021-727 81561 | 021-727 81562

Cost: Rp80, 000 for a 30-minute fish dip


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