Get ready for the best Indonesian coffee at Eight Coffee


Some people go to bars or lounges to unwind. I head to coffee places – Starbucks in Bekasi and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Plaza Senayan. J Co could have been a nice watering hole except for the fag-smoking clientele that I can’t stand. There’s a new coffee place that’s been added on my list. Like I said before, I’m no hardcore-coffee drinker. I go for tea, the ice-blended beverages, pastries and the cosy ambience. By cosy I mean the kind of place where the milieu reeks of cosseting because of the sofa chairs that you can snugly sink in and read your book to the last page, relaxing music wafting quietly above your head and the interesting décor.  Free Wi-Fi is definitely a most welcomed amenity.

I found this new place because I was handed a couple of leaflets by one of my top students, Nadia Kris Sigit, whose parents recently opened a coffee place within Galaxy City – from Kalimalang turn right at Galaxy City, go straight until the end of  the street, turn left and then make a right. Go slowly and Eight Coffee, its huge sign is not hard to miss, is on the left.

Thirsty and peckish? Order at the counter

“On regular days we open from 10 am to 10pm,” explained Nadia, who won third place for category C (ages 14 and under) in the Creative Writing Competition 2012 by Stanford University under their Education Program for Gifted Youth organized by V-Campus and PT Infinite Potensi last February.

She continued, “But during Ramadan we open at 4pm and close 10pm. My mum also opened a nail salon next to it.”

The coffee place resembles a posh studio apartment that’s been cleverly divided so there are cosy corners to hide in, a room for more privacy, living room-type areas and a garden for an al fresco gathering. Overhead is my kind of piped-in music – jazz pianist – singer Diana Krall and ilk. The two-month-ish old café is slowly developing a following of students whose schools are within the area and residents from nearby who pop in to work on papers or simply to shoot the breeze over a cup and a fag. I was there for a brainstorming meeting, tweaking the game plan for our school’s next production for the next three or four hours over tea, caramel ice blended, chicken wings, fries and milk candy with the team.

Nadia’s face glows with pride: “We didn’t hire any interior designer. My mum designed all of it.”

Eight Coffee has a cosy nook for that brainstorming meeting

Eight Coffee is staking the claim on being the coffee place for coffee drinkers on the quest for the best Indonesian coffee, which, naturally, includes the famed luwak or civet coffee. As for the menu, I’m sure I’m right in saying that they’re slowly developing the menu, seeing which ones the clients are sure to go for. If not, the coffee drinkers can always pop over the soon-to-open Japanese restaurant that the café owners will inaugurate soon. It will be the third establishment from Eight Coffee.

Hot or ice blended? It’s your choice

Before leaving the café, Nadia suggested we try on our next visit their best-selling drink – crème brûlée ice blended. That’s an enticing picture of a very relaxing “me time” in the not-so-far-future: a nice little corner, a book in hand and sipping crème brûlée ice blended.

Eight Coffee

Jl. Pulo Sirih Raya Blok FE no. 425 Grand Galaxy City – Bekasi 17147

Phone: 021 8222 555



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