That I am very fond of cakes is not lost on my friends and family. My mother, at times, has to supervise my indulgence in cakes because it tends to be overindulgence. I’ve got it under control – I would like to think that I do – and always make it a point to pair my cake with a cup of green tea. It makes for a healthy snack is what I think it is.

In my cake hunts I am partial to trying chocolate or caramel or both. But these days I’m on the hunt for the best red velvet cake or cupcake. This is to satisfy my palate and see if any pastry chef can replicate or surpass the mouth-watering velvet cupcakes from the Georgetown Cupcakes store in Washington DC. They’re simply scrumptious!

One Lee’s red velvet cupcake is simply not enough

It’s wishful thinking and naivety on my part to think that Georgetown Cupcakes can be paralleled. However, I have stumbled upon two establishments that have proved their mettle in baking red velvet. The red velvet cupcake from Lee’s Patisserie is a palate teaser. Located at the supermarket at Pacific Place, Jakarta, I doubted the authenticity of the nondescript red velvet cupcake until my gal-pal took home some. They held up against the iconic Georgetown cupcakes and one cupcake is simply not enough.

Another serendipitous find was the red velvet cake at Cheese Cake Factory. Its outlets are scattered all over the city and it finally opened one on Jl Kalimalang Raya No. 4 Perumnas II in Bekasi. There are only four tables so the idea of having tea might be a hit-and-miss and a queue builds up at the take-out counter. The look was slightly different from the norm and we ribbed the crew at Cheese Cake Factory and we all ended up laughing. The pastry chef must have been two things: colour blind or had a blast in the kitchen. But, hassles aside, once you’ve gotten a table and have had your cake, it’s a wonderful time for tea.

Cheese Cake Factory stands by its name – Red Velvet – but I’m inclined to call it Pink

The hunt still continues – red velvet and all.


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