I was never one for running for two reasons – it’s just too tiring and flat footed. The only one person that had me running was my soccer coach Mike Villadolid who made us run before and after practice as warm up and winding down activities. In between we had drills and a scrimmage. But these days I’m fine with running particularly since it’s after a delectable rainbow. The first chase was done by my student and I just followed suit so the run was pretty easy. She bought a whole Rainbow Cake from The Cheesecake Factory as part of her show and tell on “My Favourite Dessert.” We were happily taking bites of seventh heaven as she rattled on about who popularised the cake in the world. Cake lovers will have to thank 21-year-old Kaitlin Flannery, an American student who, in her blog, wrote that she made it for a good friend of her who was moving to Ohio. She got noticed when she was a guest on The Martha Stewart Show and baked her caloric success. Part of the show and tell was a video on how to make the cake. I noted how laborious the process is. A lot of patience is also needed as one bakes layer and layer and later spreads the icing layer after layer.

This humongous, calorie-laden Rainbow Cake is now prominently part of the display counters of most bakeries and patisseries in Indonesia. Case in point is The Cheesecake Factory, which newly opened on Kalimalang. Its version is light on the tummy and on the fork that slides through easily. The cream icing is sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar and topped with half a strawberry and a piece of orange. Layers are less stacked than the original but they are just enough for a filling late-afternoon snack.

Rainbow cake a la The Cheesecake Factory

Another version I stumbled onto is the one at The Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. The server suggested their Rainbow Cake after I had ordered the cinnamon doughnut. I agreed with her suggestion without hesitation. Pairing the Rainbow Cake with jasmine green tea was a good move. The cake was chilled, making the consistency chewy compared to The Cheesecake Factory slice, which might not be a big hit with those who like it light. But the chilled factor didn’t interfere with the divine taste of the cake, which was more layered than Cheesecake Factory’s, as the sweet vanilla-cream cheese-ish flavour danced on the tongue with gusto.

Squares of white chocolate on dollops of icing crown Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta’s Rainbow cake

I’m back running again and plotting the next rainbow run. The chase for the rainbow is far from over.


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  1. Posted by ako_si_aoi on September 24, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    i like that idea of a show and tell “My Favorite Dessert”


  2. Posted by Sasha on March 10, 2014 at 9:52 am

    Another place to try rainbow cake:
    1. Convivium (very great):
    The cake is very tasty and the cream or icing is not too sweet, just perfect. It’s also very creamy and milky but it has a slight sour flavor like a lemon zest (well it contains lemon zest) that balance the sweetness of the cream. The cake texture is soft. Overall this is the second best rainbow cake!
    2. The Goods Cafe (good):
    The Goods Cafe is famous for its red velvet cake. Let me introduce you to the new gig in town, The Goods Cafe Rainbow Cake! It is very soft texture and creamy cake, with thick layer of cream that is fully coffered sprinkles of rainbow colored sugar sprinkles. Because of that, the icing is very sweet or occasionally too sweet for some. But it’s worth to try!
    3. The Harvest (not bad):
    Everyone knows that harvest is the place to buy great cakes without breaking your bank, but for its rainbow cake it is so not like harvest. The icing is sweet plus they put extra chocolate and macaroons, but the cake taste plain. Despite all of that the texture of the cake is very soft and the size is just right! The cake is also a bit pricy for what you get from the cake. For sweet-tooth people I recommended this cake for you!
    All of this is based on my experience on cake hunting and some well-known food criticist


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