When a satsuma can’t make the hunger pangs go away, turning to a Vietnamese snack is a good idea, but not when you are based in Bekasi, which is Pizza Hut, KFC land – you get the drift. So Tebet Square, a 40-45-min drive from Bekasi if traffic is good, has become a food haven of sort as it offers a much wider range of food choices. Pizza Hut is still part of the selection but Pho 24 is a beacon of healthy, light snack. A bowl of pho (noodles) is way too heavy, for me that is, but a plate of clean (read: no grease) fresh vermicelli spring roll sitting on a bed of green. Pairing it with a huge glass of iced tea with lemon grass was a good call.

Fresh and crunchy vermicelli spring rolls from Pho 24 at Tebet Square

Meanwhile, a more decadent peckish mode found me at The Café of The Ritz-Jakarta, Kuningan one early evening. Traffic was, unbelievably, good. I’d tasted the rainbow cake the last time I was there and I was intrigued by the slices of red velvet sitting prettily on the display counter so the latter won. Forget the colour blindness of the pastry chef – one of my students pointed out that the colour isn’t red – and just direct your attention on the taste. The dense cake is not cloying but a few bites can fill you up so it’s best shared with a gal-pal (you share the calories too!).

Text and surf in between bites of red velvet

Red velvet cake as envisioned by The Ritz-Carlton, Kuningan

Highly caloric or not, the snacks were satisfying but most definitely light on the tummy.

Cake photography by Rico Jay Falcunitin


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  1. next time, i wanna be that gal pal–your chubby tita b


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