Macondo. Remember waterlogged Macondo? For the uninitiated to the realm of Latin American literature, Macondo is the setting in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitude”, a must-read novel during my early years in university. Sheets and sheets of rain unfurled day in day out in Macondo until everything started having that musty, mouldy smell and look.

Here comes the sun...

Here comes the sun…

Bekasi, a town 45 minutes away from Jakarta on a good smooth-traffic-day, was transforming into Macondo after weeks of continual rain that started sometime in December. I’ve been told that the heavens will stop crying sometime middle of February. The sun has been making its presence felt though. Just last week it came out for three straight days, which had me breaking out into a dance of joy and the three cats running around chasing each other or their tails. But Monday arrived and rained on my parade.

The kind of blue that chases the gloom away.

The kind of blue that chases the gloom away.

Today started off on the same wet note until the early afternoon when Helios dropped by. I just hope the sunny spell stays long enough to chase away the grey skies on semi-permanent basis.

Bekasi and GPS soak in the sun.

Bekasi and Global Prestasi School soak in the sun.


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