The heat is part of the reason and so is the sudden downpour; there was this freak storm that hit Bekasi last week, which left everyone soaking wet and stranded in school. Naturally, traffic was snarled like a Gordian knot. Apart from the wetness, it was eerie: trees were swaying like maenads in the amidst of a bacchanal ritual. Then there’s the stress that decides to piggyback throughout. At the end of the day, all plans of going out or even playing badminton slip away. You suddenly feel like a candle that is within the throes of death.

When I find myself mired in such a situation, which is a common occurrence during the second semester, I usually retreat into my happy place. Second semester, to the non-teachers, is like a mad dash to the finish line before the exams take place. I, together with my co-teachers, try to cover materials that would prep them for their exams amidst the public holidays and school activities that see classes cancelled. Not to forget the students and their state – by this time they are a bundle of nerves and prone to illnesses aside from the common malady of laziness. At the end of the work week, I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off.

Retreating to fantasy land is one way to stay the stress and let the unpleasantness of a situation hang, so to speak. Before, I retreated into the world of the Cullens, captivated by the sparkly and brooding Edward Cullen. Then I hopped into Harry Potter’s world, leaving behind the depressing and chaotic world of the Muggles. The Lucky One and 17 Again held my attention too; it was coup de foudre over and over again watching Zac Efron. It seems a captivating idea, after watching 17 Again, to go back to high school, but with a more mature outlook than one had while in high school.

This time I am truly captivated by the body, smile, demeanor, swagger and pulchritude of Captain America and his alter ego. Looking at him just banishes away the day’s frustrations and thoughts of cafuné with the Captain fill my mind.

The bod, the strut, the smile and the pulchritudinous actor - absolutely captivated.

The bod, the strut, the smile and the pulchritudinous actor – absolutely captivated.


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