It is like fright night – well, I call it fright night – but it is not the movie with Roddy McDowell in it or the updated version with Colin Farrell. The feelings are almost the same though: feelings of uneasiness, nervousness, which, at times, mix with paranoia. The what ifs that cross the mind before being confronted by the question paper – what if the questions are difficult; what if I don’t know how to answer them etc. – are endless.

Come exam day and the feelings roiling in them are, without a doubt, magnified a hundred times more. It is that time of year, meanwhile, when I don the lanyard with the name plate ascertaining my role as IGCSE invigilator and walk up and then down the exam room making sure that no cheating or whatever kind of malpractice is committed by the students. I, admittedly, am also a bit apprehensive about their performance; I hope they get their jitters under control and not lose sight of their goal, an A*.


Invigilation has begun.

Invigilation has begun.

Fright night at Global Prestasi School started last week and continues until first week of June. Status report: so far so good. They – my grade 10 students – have stayed focused and in control despite the little waves of nervousness. Four papers down, 11 to go.

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