That inanition and scorching heat will not stop me from getting hold of a cupcake just about sums up my self-control when it comes to pastries. Ever since my gal-pal, Fistri, who is based in Singapore, posted photos of Fluff Bakery on Instagram, I had been planning a trek down to Jalan Pisang to see for myself the wonders of these mini cakes. The reviews about the cupcakes persistently stoked my craving and determination; the reviewers seemed to be drooling as they wrote their comments of how moist the cupcakes were and flavourful the icing and the sweet surprise inside the cupcake. The Fluff Bakery owner and staff did a splendid job of whetting appetites of cupcake lovers with their cupcake availability updates coupled with videos of mixing batter and ready-to-sell cupcakes on Instagram. They really had a captured audience, which included me.


Fluff Bakery

Fluff Bakery is at the corner of Jalan Pisang. From afar, one can see if a queue is in place, but, fortunately, that Saturday afternoon the queue was remarkably absent much to my glee. I rushed in like a lover rushing to the arms of her beau – cupcakes work up my romantic, simile-writing side – and proceeded to gawk at the bakery. Then Mama Fluff materialized from the kitchen and I was star-struck, which is quite a rarity on my part. She was the bubbly baker I imagined her to be; her bakers were equally exuberant as they greeted and packed cupcakes. Fluff Bakery is only a buy-and-go bakery.


Salted Caramel and Red Nutella cupcakes

Salted Caramel and Red Nutella cupcakes

Triple Milo and Lavender Blueberry cupcakes

Triple Milo and Lavender Blueberry cupcakes

What is the verdict? The proof is in the cupcake. The Nutella Red Velvet cupcake, one of my favourites, is every chocoholic’s dream – smooth, creamy and bursting with a rhapsody of flavours when you bite into the icing right through the cupcake. Coming in a strong second is Salted Caramel, a harmonious blend of saltiness of sweetness. Bringing up the third is Triple Milo, a creative take on the popular drink, with the chocolate and Milo flavours titillating the palate to no end without that cloying after feel. The last flavour, Lavender Blueberry, proved an interesting flavour that did not fail to live up to Fluff Bakery’s cupcake standard – smooth, velvety, with the right blend of sugar and fruit, and a wonderful surprise in the centre.


Take your pick of cupcakes from the Fluff Bakery counter

Take your pick of cupcakes from the Fluff Bakery counter

A cupcake trek to Fluff Bakery is one sweet trek I would be willing to undertake under the scorching heat and hunger.


Lots of Love

A few doors away from Fluff Bakery are a serendipitous find. One of them is Cake Love that offers shoppers and tourists alike a haven to cool their heels after walking about the city. Although they also serve cupcakes and cakes, my curiosity was piqued by the Red Velvet waffle topped with ice cream, which proved an excellent choice. Together with the chocolate syrup and scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, the waffle was not par for the course. It was sweet but not to the point of saccharine, and crispy with every bite.

Red Velvet waffle_close up


Red Velvet waffe with sign

Fluff Bakery

12 Jalan Pisang Singapore



CakeLove Dessert Bar

4 Jalan Pisang Singapore




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