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Image courtesy of stockimages at

Commitment and the word best friend go like hand and glove. One doesn’t christen an individual a best friend unless one is ready to commit to what it means to being a true blue best friend. But the current times have made light of being a best friend and other related issues such as love and commitment. Saying “She is my best friend” has attained the same gravity as saying to the cute barista at Starbucks, “I want a grande Asian Dolce latte, please.”

Call me old-fashioned, but calling one a best friend entails a bottomless pit of commitment, which doesn’t waver when a foul mood crosses the best friend’s face and exhibits insufferable insolence. It also involves an acceptance of one’s idiosyncrasies – telling green jokes that actually brutally assault the senses, favoring the smoothie over the real fruit, or being altogether loud.   A lynchpin to this best friend relationship is the meeting of the minds. Can a, say, a feminist and religious devotee make it as best friends?

Differences in principles can make or break the relationship.


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