There is nothing more annoying than being famished and everything on the menu you’re perusing has all your allergens. To top that, you’re already in the departure area. 

Several months ago, Ngurah Rai International Airport was not a place for mind-boggling food choices and one just had to settle for a nondescript bun and a bottle of water while waiting for the announcement of your departure. However, a weekend trip in April revealed a renovated Ngurah Rai airport replete with numerous eating places to choose from and other tourists’ creature comforts.

My wanderings within the terminal lead me to The Coffee Club with its brightly lit counter display, sleek wall menu, and medley of chairs, sofa set, and bar stools. The menu, finally, had a soft spot for those with limited culinary choices, and my mind homed in immediately on the salad section. So, lunch for that Sunday noon was roasted beetroot, feta and walnut salad or a bowl of Balsamic roasted beetroot quarters, feta cubes and crunchy walnuts in a bed of snow peas and spinach tossed in a lemon oregano dressing.  It was accompanied by lemon meringue tart for dessert.

Annoyance assuaged and hunger appeased, The Coffee Club, I noted, also made a good reading place.The din of the people inside and outside the cafe left the bookworm at peace with her greens and tart.


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