The usual tea at Starbucks has a more rustic, homey touch to it. One feels like being in an artist’s atelier with the comfortable chairs where you flung yourself on one of them with insouciance as you plan your next piece de resistance or escapade over a mug of green tea. Then there are times when you enter a stage of pseudo-metanoia and envision yourself awaiting your tea like Queen Clarisse Renaldi of Genovia. Starbucks doesn’t quite suit the bill, as an image of elegant surroundings traipses through my mind: a tearoom filled with tables for two or four lined with linen table cloth and set with silver cutlery and linen serviette, high-back chairs with velvety cushions, and a waiter clad in formal attire except sans the jacket, and menu in hand.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is more the place for tea amidst a luxurious setting. The first outlet that opened in Jakarta is at Plaza Senayan located at the first floor. From the mall’s main entrance, it is down to your left past clothing store Chanel, Max Mara etc. A lectern has been transformed into a menu stand that you can stop immediately and peruse up closely if you’re unsure of stepping in. When it first opened the line was snaking passed its neighbouring stores, and it wasn’t until after the hullaballoo died months later that I was actually able to enjoy a cuppa of genmaicha. These days it is relatively easy to get a table although one has to wait for several minutes before a table is ready to receive you.

The tearoom is divided into two distinct areas: the salon to sip and dine, and the tea boutique replete with tea and tea-related items from exotic teas, tea sets and the sweet tea accompaniments such as macaron and pastries. TWG’s Chic tea time set menu feature three choices – vegetarian, royal, and imperial – which is good for one. Gal-pal J and I, in line with our healthy eating philosophy, opted for the vegetarian set: finger sandwiches of cucumber with cream cheese infused with Earl Grey Fortune, Roma tomatoes and Moroccan Mint Tea infused sauce, and Green asparagus and cream cheese sprinkled with chives. The sandwiches, served in a tired teacup stand, are paired with one’s choice of tea. Our server suggested gnawa, a meld of green and peppermint tea, which proved to be a good selection. Completing Chic is a choice between muffins and scones served with TWG tea jelly and whipped cream (too bad that it isn’t clotted cream) or a choice of patisserie from the trolley.

Indulge in tea and finger sandwiches at the elegant TWG Tea Salon & Boutique.

Indulge in tea and finger sandwiches at the elegant TWG Tea Salon & Boutique.

I wanted to shake off the stresses of the weeklong saga in the classroom, so a trip to TWV one Sunday afternoon April was perfect for tea and to let the world pass by.


TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Unit 109A, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8

Jakarta Pusat

Tel: (021) 572576

Hours: 10am-10pm

Tea time is from 3pm to 6pm; Chic tea set is IDR170, 000.


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