Jarvis or Alfred couldn’t have been any prouder of him. The moment you step into the threshold of Orient 8, you espy him from the corner of your eye. He is there but he isn’t obtrusively within your field of vision, and within seconds he vanishes. He lets his staff, after salutations have been offered, usher you to your table, pull the chair, unfold the serviette and gently place it across your lap. Just as the amuse bouche is graciously placed before you, he makes his appearance and launches into his spiel in that elegantly modulated voice.

Philippe Saunier in action

Philippe Saunier in action

Philippe Saunier helms the floor of the French-Pan Asian restaurant while his partner-in-crime, Chef Florian, manages the kitchen. Being at the forefront of the restaurant, he ascertains that everything is in tip-top shape: cutlery and crockery are placed meticulously on the table, freshly baked buns (e.g. black olive bun, mini baguette) are proffered courteously to the diners, champagne and wines poured elegantly in the crystal champagne glasses, and the entire service crew is ready with your first course.

Then Monsieur Saunier is within your vision again; he is actually at your table, ready to reveal the name and ingredients of the dish you are seconds away from tucking into. After he bids you to enjoy your meal he quietly fades away again.

Photo by Ni Kadek Eta


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