Surrendering is the only way to go because resistance is stone futile. Ignoring the tub of red velvet crinkles demands Spartan determination which vanishes when I am home for the holidays. My excuse: they’re not available in Indonesia and shipping overseas has yet to be worked out by Trina Lopez Pungutan, the baker cum owner of Sweet Bite Bakehaus that’s based in Marilao, Bulacan. The commonplace crinkle is good, but the red velvet crinkle is way (to the infinity!) better.

It all started with the gorgeous photos of the cookie sandwiches posted on Trina’s FB account more than a year ago; even the pictures were difficult to resist! The thought of sinking my teeth into crinkles – cookies crinkled on the surface and dusted with powdered sugar for the uninitiated – was appealing enough, what more with two red velvet crinkles group-hugging cream cheese filling? I found the idea innovative – Trina, a former high school student of mine in JASMS-Quezon City, had reworked the concept of a popular cookie (the one you pull apart and dip into a glass of milk) and the end-result was her most popular bakery item to date that got her included in the list of Best Desserts by Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Lifestyle Editor Vangie Baga-Reyes. After vicariously biting into one, my sister placed a huge order for Christmas 2014 and that took care of the Yuletide give-aways to friends, colleagues, and relatives. It was a huge hit and, thankfully, no maledictions for added pounds. It is super addictive that one moist chocolaty-cream cheese crinkle isn’t enough to satisfy the craving. You would have gobbled the entire tub of 12 crinkles without you realizing it until a family member asks, “What happened to the crinkles?” You see, biting into a crinkle, with the melding of the chocolate and sweetened cream cheese, is sweet light tap dance of delight on the palate which you simply can’t get enough of.

Forget about dieting because one red velvet crinkle from Sweet Bite Bakehaus isn't enough.

Forget about dieting because one red velvet crinkle from Sweet Bite Bakehaus isn’t enough.

That Trina has a best-seller on her hands is not hard to miss. A quick glance at my FB newsfeed showed an announcement from her about brief suspension of orders, so she and her bakers could attend to the first batch of red velvet crinkle orders which included my tubs. I heaved a sigh of relief having placed my family’s order myself shortly after the end of November. There was a little snafu though this year in the delivery of my precious tubs because they arrived a day after my booked date. But I have since forgiven the Sweet Bite staff for the oversight and hope that it won’t happen again next Christmas season. However, I am putting the blame on Trina for putting back the pounds I sweated out in spinning class.



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