Diets are off when the sweltering heat is beating down your back. And nothing can cool one down than the goodness of ice cream. Ice cream never goes out of style; it just gets reinvented by very creative people with a sweet tooth. Take soft-serve ice cream, for instance. The word was first used in 1982, and my recollection of having tasted it was from Dairy Queen when I was a child with my father. Dairy Queen disappeared for a time and was replaced by McDonald’s with their soft-serve sundaes. Then, thankfully, Dairy Queen came back with a vengeance and soft-serve ice cream was back on the list of an ice cream lover. Tell me, who doesn’t like a Blizzard or a DQ bar?

St Marc Cafe

Joining the bandwagon of soft-serve ice cream is St. Marc Café – such a wonderful discovery I made when I met up with a friend in December at Greenbelt, Makati. There are myriad concoctions of soft-served sundaes, but my heart and palate went out to two of its sweet creations. The first is the soft vanilla ice cream hugged by banana slices and wrapped with chocolate sauce in which there is two sure-fire ways to enjoy it. One, you can start from the top of the towering swirl and slowly make your way to the bottom. Second, if you want a bit of crunch with every bite, make sure you dip the spoon to the very bottom of the glass and gently pull it up while scooping the cereal at the bottom and simultaneously ploughing through the tower of the vanilla ice cream.

Choose one or have both!

                                           Choose one or have both!

My other favourite is the one with the swirl of vanilla ice cream sitting on a bed of coffee jelly while a scoop of green tea ice cream and a wafer stick stand guard on each side of the swirl-tower. The green tea and the coffee jelly even out the sweetness of the wafer and vanilla swirl – you don’t get this heavy cloying feeling starting to coat your tongue.

Don’t worry so much of your diet – every bite of the soft-serve is more than enough to fire up the determination in you to conquer that circuit training with aplomb and burn those extra calories.


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