To call ice cream monster is a matter of perspective. It is absolutely monstrous if you – being a pessimist – think of how it piles on the pounds. Now, if you’re the look-at-the-positive-side kind of person, you’ll focus on the good things of the ice cream such as its creaminess, its awesome flavor, and its overall appeal. Let us not forget the packaging and the meaning of monster is completely overhauled.

Sweet Monster opens its counter at 1030am.

Sweet Monster at Bugis Junction – right at the Malabar Street entrance – gives the hard message of monstrosity a deliciously soft spin to it. The Korean franchise translated it into soft serve ice cream creations with an oxymoronic twist. It begins with its cartoony monster mascots in Sesame Street texture and color that do catch your attention. A picture of a monster digging into a cup of ice cream takes grimness out of its character. Next are the monster selections of ice cream melded with popcorn: caramel, tangerine, strawberry, and many more that I can recall because the menu already had me at caramel. I am a purist; popcorn is eaten on its own at the movies or when you’re watching a movie at your home. Then I stumbled upon Sweet Monster on the night I met up with a dear friend in Singapore, who was game for ice cream, and I was an instant convert.

Presenting the Caramel Monster *applause*

The verdict: the Caramel Monster was not saccharine to the palate. The delicate balance of sweetness and milkiness was captured well that you are guiltlessly pushed to hit the bottom of the cup. However, if you are really conscious of calories or know your limits, sharing a regular cup with a gal-pal is perfect. If you’re feeling monster-mean about sharing, there is always the junior cup to go for. 


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