Food Tales



A box of these banana beauties landed on my lap again about a week ago. A student of mine was off to Japan with her family and I unabashedly asked her if she can get me a box of the famed Tokyo Bananas when she stumbled upon one. Of course, I was going to pay her. Aside from getting to indulge with my new favourite sweet stuff my student said there was no need to pay even though I insisted. More than a week came and went, and I finally managed to sink my teeth into a new flavour, Banana milkshake, which is reminiscent of the caramel ones I had several weeks ago. The custard begins with a banana taste and ends on a note of caramel. Beautiful tumble on the palate!

Aside: I was told you can buy it online, but I was never a fan of online shopping. The palate adventure begins, I find, is knowing that it’s not that ubiquitous thus preserving its appeal. It does not become just another commonplace sweet as a red velvet cupcake or rainbow cake.




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