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Welcome to the world of Tony Stark/Iron Man

Perhaps in a parallel world, I would have made it as an agent of SHIELD and worked closely with the Avengers. Then again, maybe not. The pulchritude of Captain Steve Rogers or tantalizing sassiness of Loki would have had me ogling them and definitely become remiss of my duties, so I just satisfied myself back on Earth with a tour of a facsimile of the Avengers STATION.


Get to know more about Captain America


the profile of Steve Rogers is there for all to read


the iconic uniform of Captain America


the shield completes the Captain’s uniform


Tony Stark’s favourite outfit – the Iron Man costume


Exhibited at the Annex Hall of the Science Centre in Jurong East, Singapore, it was one fascinating immersive tour even though I didn’t download the Avengers app or “borrowed” the iPod (for S$5). For the tech-oriented exhibit-goers, the app is the ultimate way to fully experience the exhibition as a recruit of SHIELD. Agent Maria Hill was on hand to welcome the new recruits who were visibly excited when I was there during the first weekend of February. Meanwhile, as the new “recruits” fiddled with their phones, logging on to get their credentials, I remained nonchalant and waited for the doors to open. I was antsy to get a bird’s eye-view of the Avengers’ universe through the props, costumes, detailed explanations of the science and personal profiles of the featured Avengers, which included Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Vision, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. Providing balance was the inclusion of the anti-Avengers squad led by God of Mischief Loki and his cohorts Chitauri and the dark elves.  The meticulous details of the costumes, weapons, and profiles were astounding; I felt I was truly transported to another real dimension as I gawped at the “personal” items on display. Each character is three-dimensional with his/her personal history, outfit, choice of weapon, and unparalleled skill.

Zealous Avengers fan or not, Avengers STATION is an experience that would make a visit to Singapore. After all, it isn’t every day that one gets a pass to visit one of the heavily guarded facilities on Earth – Marvel’s Earth, that is. But the exhibition has only a month or so before it folds up. Its last day is on March 05.


Dare to lift mjolnir?


the Hulk Buster



the Tessaract Portal